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Dr Saras Reddy



Dr Sarasvathie Reddy is a Senior Lecturer at Higher Education Training Development, UKZN. She is the Academic Coordinator of the PhD in Higher Education and the University Extended Learning Induction Programme. She spent the first decade of her academic life at the Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine as the Head of the Skills Laboratory where she was involved in teaching the clinical aspects of the medical curriculum. Her PhD thesis was a phenomenographic study that traced the clinical experiences of the first cohort of medical students who undertook a PBL medical curriculum. Her research interests in higher education include a focus on gender and diversity, curriculum studies, doctoral education and academic development. She is also involved in two international research projects with a focus on gender, religion and health as well as sexual diversity in higher education curricula. Contact details:


Selected publications:

Nadar, S., & Reddy, S. (2016). From Instrumentalization to Intellectualization: Response to Silent Scripts and Contested Spaces. Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion32(1), 136-141.


Reddy, S., & McKenna, S. (2016). The Guinea pigs of a problem-based learning curriculum. Innovations in Education and Teaching International53(1), 16-24.


Reddy, S., Searle, R. L., Shawa, L. B., & Teferra, D. (2016). A Balancing Act: Facilitating a University Education Induction Programme for (Early Career) Academics. Studies in Higher Education41(10), 1820-1834.


Nadar, S., & Reddy, S. (2016). “Undoing ‘Protective Scientism’ in a Gender, Religion and Health Masters Curriculum.” In Disrupting Higher Education Curriculum: Undoing Cognitive Damage. Edited by Samuel, M. A., Dhunpath, R., & Amin, N. (2016), Rotterdam: Sense Publishers, 229-246.


Nyawo, S., Nadar, S., & Reddy, S. (2015). ‘Having no child is like having no home’: Exploring the Notion of ‘Complete Personhood’ in selected Swazi Women’s Narratives on Fertility. Journal of Gender and Religion in Africa, 21(1), 127-151.

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