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Supervising Research in Higher Education

We've moved permanently!

The Higher Education Training and Development Unit which was part of the University Teaching and Learning Portfolio has been reconfigured and effective January 1, 2018, its staff has been integrated in the School of Education in the Cluster of Education and Development Studies.

The module, which is a 16 credit elective, aims to introduce participants to various approaches and methods to postgraduate supervision in Higher Education. It aims to allow critical examination of different models and styles of postgraduate supervision, as well as the broader postgraduate environment in relation to influences on practice. It offers the opportunity to critique an aspect of individual practice with a view to improved teaching and learning.

The module content includes an overview of both international and national issues related to postgraduate activities, of policies that affect supervision practices. Familiarity with current literature on postgraduate activities will be gained. Participants will examine the structures and styles of postgraduate supervision in a variety of disciplines including their own. They will reflect on and critique practices within their own disciplines.

For further information please contact Sheryl Jeenarain jeenarains@ukzn.ac.za   ph 031 260 3257


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