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We've moved permanently!

The Higher Education Training and Development Unit which was part of the University Teaching and Learning Portfolio has been reconfigured and effective January 1, 2018, its staff has been integrated in the School of Education in the Cluster of Education and Development Studies.

This is a core module in the MEd Higher Education programmes

Aims of the module:

This module explores the historical and theoretical underpinnings of higher education as well as investigates the forces that are shaping the present and future of higher education in broad terms. It is designed to ground students into higher education as an academic field and provide them with a solid foundation for analysing and critically assessing change processes at all relevant levels in higher education. It is interdisciplinary and draws on fields such as sociology, philosophy, economics, political science, organisation and management studies to explore critical areas of higher education such as teaching and learning, access and participation, quality assurance, management and leadership, professionalism, research and globalisation.


  • Historical perspectives on the development of higher education
  • Philosophical and sociological foundations of higher education
  • The changing nature of higher education institutions and students
  • Academic values and culture
  • The future of higher education: An in-depth investigation of various scenarios
  • Marketisation of higher education
  • Globalisation and internationalisation and their influence on higher education

 For further information please contact Sheryl Jeenarain on 031 260 3257 or jeenarains@ukzn.ac.za



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